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further proof that matt and thom are the same person

(Well you've never seen them both in a room together, have you? I suspect if you did the universe would explode, which is why we can never take Matt to Radiohead gigs.)

In reference to Matt in that job interveiw Beth was telling us about, where they told him he could loosen his tie and he went "This isn't my tie!"

Last night I was listening to ze Head live in Maida Vale on Radio 1 and they were doing a Q&A session afterwards, and some fan stood up to ask a question and this ensued:
Thom: "I like your trousers"
Fan: "Oh thanks, I wore them specially cause I was coming to see you tonight"
Thom: "... Oh. Really?"
Fan: "Yes. You can have them if you like."
Thom: "..[trying not to laugh]..Erm, no thanks, I'm good. I have my own."
Fan: "Yes, but yours have holes in them"
Thom: "These aren't my holes!"
Colin: "He paid a lot of money for those holes you know. They cost extra."
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